U.S. Judge rejects Samsungs bid to freeze paying royalties to Microsoft (UPDATE: Corrections)


A U.S Judge has rejected Samsung’s bid to put a lawsuit on hold, regarding a dispute to pay Microsoft in interest royalty fees.

Samsung states that the original collaboration agreement between thw two companies became void when Microsoft acquired Nokia in 2013. Since then, Samsung has refused to pay $6.9 million in royalty interest to Microsoft, stating that the company is now a direct hardware competitor. In August of this year, Microsoft put their foot down regarding the matter and sued Samsung for not coughing up.

Whilst Samsung is yet to comment on the result, a Microsoft Spokesperson said that they are “pleased that the court agrees that New York is the appropriate venue for this dispute.” Samsung wanted to move the dispute to Hong Kong, while the company pursues an existing arbitration.

In Microsoft’s favor, Antitrust regulators within the United States and other countries have already approved the acquisition of Nokia as being legal. If these approvals hold up, Samsung will most likely be forced to pay off the debt they owe to Microsoft.

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