US Government agencies are switching to Office 365 to unify their email and communications

US Government agencies are switching to Office 365 to unify their email an communications

Microsoft has announced that they have signed up big clients in the US government who are switching to Office 365 for cloud based email. This is a big step for government communications and data to be hosted in the cloud, but Microsoft has a long history of working well with data privacy, encryption, and management.

A major selling point of Office 365 is legacy, where the new system works well with the old system. Microsoft is the legacy company with Office and Windows, and since the world runs on Office it makes sense that large government bodies would use a common tool. Another huge hurdle in government is sharing data between offices. Now with so many government employees being moved to Office 365 it will be easier to share and communicate on a common platform.

Specifically the office of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Labor (DOL) are moving to the Office 365. These are just the latest government offices which have made the switch to Office, and they are joining many others. In the case of the DOL Office 365 will be replacing nine legacy email systems with a  single unified approach. Using the DOL as an example, it is easy to see how complicated government email systems can be across the board. Standardizing on a single platform makes government faster and easier to do their job without technology getting in the way.

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