Urinal-mouted video games the next big thing?

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Dec 2nd, 2011 inUncategorized

British company Captive Media, have managed to create a very unique gaming system, how unique you ask? How about urinating games? These urinal-mounted video gaming platforms allow you to play games with your urine to help pass the time.

Captive Media is a company based in the United Kingdom, and focuses their work on creating unique products, for example, urinal-mounted video games system, which allows you to play games with your urine.

The system runs Windows 7 embedded, has a 12 inch LCD screen and is powered by an Intel Atom dual core microprocessor. Once you are done with your business, you can send your scores to Twitter and a live leaderboard, so you can share with everyone else that you are the winner at urinating!

Their website says “The Captive Media system consists simply of a hi-definition screen, fitted at eye level above the urinal, where it commands the full attention of the user. When not in active use, it plays a mixture of adverts and content from one of our six ‘PTV’ channels.”

The site continues, “But when a user approaches, it flips into gaming mode, using patented technology to detect not only his presence … but the direction of his stream. Algorithms then allow the user to do something simple, but VERY engaging – controlling the system just by aiming their stream left or right!”

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