Upgrade to a new Lumia device and get US$90 worth of Gameloft in-game credits

Brad Stephenson

Upgrade to a new Lumia device and get US$90 worth of Gameloft in-game credits

Gameloft is currently running a special promotion where they’ll give anyone who upgrades to any new Microsoft Lumia smartphone US$90 worth of in-app purchase credits for use in their games, Asphalt Overdrive, Pastry Paradise, and Rival Knights.

The keyword here is, “upgrade”. This campaign isn’t available to anyone jumping ship from iPhone or Android for the first time due to part of the application process that requires information related to an old Lumia or Nokia device.

To get the credits, after the purchase of any new Microsoft Lumia device, users need to download the free Switch Gift app. From there, they need to open the app and enter the 15-digit IMEI number from their old device (which can be found in the “About” section of the phone’s settings) and then enter an email address for the activation codes to be sent to.

The credits will be split between the games in a likely attempt to promote all three. US$19.99 will be credited to Asphalt Overdrive and Pastry Paradise while US$49.99 will be given to Rival Knights. The campaign is available in all regions until November 2015.

It is a rather convoluted promotional campaign and one has to wonder why they couldn’t simply hand out codes in store for people trading in their old devices. Let us know what you think. Do you think this promotion will motivate yourself or members of your family to upgrade their Windows Phones? Share your thoughts in the comments below.