Updates to Adobe’s Flash Player to now appear in Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday


Adobe has struck a partnership with Microsoft, which will mean updates to Adobe’s Flash Player will now appear in Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday security updates. “Starting with the next Flash Player security update, we plan to release regularly-scheduled security updates for Flash Player on ‘Patch Tuesdays,'” Adobe stated in an official statement.


“Adobe on Tuesday announced that it will pair future security updates for its popular Flash Player with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday schedule,” the report states. Since Microsoft has a set schedule on when they release security updates, which is the second Tuesday of every month, and Adobe typically releases patches for its Flash Player on an irregular basis, this move makes perfect sense. Not only will there be consistency with Internet Explorer updates and Flash updates, but this move makes it easier on Microsoft. Microsoft can now only release an update to its Internet Explorer browser at the same time an update to Flash is released. However, Adobe will release emergency updates to Flash Player outside of the Patch Tuesday schedule to combat any zero-day vulnerabilities.