Updated information on Focused Mail testing in the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app

Arif Bacchus

Earlier today, and thanks to a tip from our reader Adam, we reported that Microsoft started Windows 10 Insider testing of Focused Mail in the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app. Our tipster has since come back to us, and we have some updated information in regards to the matter.

According to a new email sent to us by Adam, the Focused Inbox feature is currently deactivated in the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app. Adam arrived at this conclusion after downloading the update we previously reported about and has since notified us that the “Reading” section of the settings menu in the Mail app now has a “Focused Inbox” setting.

Judging from this, and a comparison which was done on another one of his machines, both Adam and we here at OnMSFT would assume that Microsoft may slowly be rolling out the full Focused Inbox feature over time in future updates.

As always, if you’re a Windows 10 Insider, we urge you to check the Windows Store for updates, and let us know if you too have been selected for the Focused Mail feature by dropping us a comment below! And, just like Adam, if you ever notice any new features in Windows 10 apps, please do not hesitate to send us a tip!