Update to Micrsosoft Health app on iOS has new features in tow

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Update to micrsosoft health app on ios brings new features

With additions and features coming to the Microsoft Band and app on Windows Phone this week, it was only a matter of time before some of those features made their way onto other platforms. Today, it looks like the Microsoft Band app for iOS now brings a number of useful features.

  • Bike Tile: Lets you track your heart rate and calorie burn. Outdoor rides will also track speed, distance, and elevation.
  • Quick Read: Helps you read text, email, and other notifications quickly. A large font size and the rapid succession of words enable you to read messages while in motion and without having to scroll.
  • MapMyFitness Integration: Effortlessly save and upload your workout data to MapMyFitness.
  • HealthVault Integration: Easily share your Microsoft Health workout and sleep data to your HealthVault account.
  • Bug Fixes

We have no word on any updates to the Android app as of right now, but for those concerned, we'll update accordingly.

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