Update to Microsoft Translator for iOS makes foreign language easier than ever

Michael Cottuli

There’s a new update on its way for the Microsoft Translator app for iPhone and Apple Watch. The new update adds several new features that make communication in other languages easier than it has ever been, giving you the information that you need at a glance, without needing to navigate through too many menus before finding the phrase that you need.
The new update makes it so that common words or phrases, like “Hello” or “Goodbye” will be displayed directly on the face of your Apple Watch, making it easy for you to quickly fain access to the vocabulary you need to communicate. Also, if you have any pinned for frequently used translations, the app will keep track of them, and allow you to play the translations directly through the speaker. Finally, if you need to find phrases that might be useful at another time of day, you can use the “time travel” feature to check out how to say things like “Good night” before the sun sets.
The new updates to the translator app seem like they will be a great help to people in a place where they need to be able to communicate with people in a different language quickly. The use of the Apple watch to get quick information about how to get around the local language will be invaluable to travelers.