6tag version 5.0 for Windows Phone brings hashtag emojis, new filters, and much more

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Update to 6tag version 5.0 brings universal app support and more

Rudy Huyn’s latest update to 6tag brings a number of new features and fixes. If you don’t already know, 6tag is the great Instagram app for Windows Phone. Huyn doesn’t suggest you use Windows 10 Mobile because there are too many bugs in the OS. Here is the full list of added features and fixes for 6tag version 5.0:

  • 3 new filters: Lark, Reyes, Juno 
  • Video upload from your phone 
  • save video on your phone  import/export files from other apps (including Dropbox)
  • emoji hashtags
  • refreshed UI 
  • performance improvement

So there you have it — there’s the latest in the 6tag update. So there are even more ways to share pictures and videos with your friends  and family. I feel like 6tag is a better app than anything official that Instagram would be able to put out.

Decide for yourself and you can download 6tag for Windows Phone HERE.

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