Upcoming Windows 10 Mobile build to have an updated WiFi settings design and Action Center

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Windows Insider, Core, posted several images of updates to the settings for Windows 10 Mobile on his Twitter this afternoon . Until now, users have had a simple reskinned version of the 8.1 WiFi settings menu. But that’s about to change.

Windows 10 Mobile will be shedding the past slower and less responsive WiFi settings to ring in the newer ones. The visual update reflects a better symmetry to match the one we see on the Windows 10 PC versions. “Coming to your phone with the next Insider build of RS2,” he teased in a retweet with a smiley emoji just earlier today.

According to responses from the Tweet, the well known informer mentions that “Microsoft is indeed working on multiple cross-architecture subsystems”. Not surprising considering this isn’t the only reused page still lingering from the Windows 8.1 Mobile. In fact, there are many and while they appear similar in most cases to the newer versions, little details such as bolder text and smoother transition to landscape mode makes the Windows 10 Mobile windows stand out against their predecessors.

Another such example is the Action Center that Core gave an image of.

It’s nice to see them giving a little more attention towards Windows Phone users in spite of the steep decline in sales and interest recently. Do you like the new look shown in these images? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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