Upcoming Android Microsoft Health app update to fix SMS error on Band 2

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If you’re running the Microsoft Health app on your Android device, then you might have run into some issues with your accompanying Band 2 fitness tracker. Specifically, if you’re using SMS notifications with the always-helpful on-screen keyboard and reply mechanism, then your SMS recipients could be receiving duplicate messages. (Author’s note: I’m suffering from just this issue when I have my Nexus 6P connected to my Band 2. This doesn’t happen with my other devices, including my Lumia).

According to winsupersite.com, Microsoft has communicated with one of their readers promising a fix “this week.” The company provided no more details, such as whether the update would provide any other fixes and whether updates would be coming to other platforms.

Regardless, this is good news for anyone who uses an Android device to drive SMS messaging through their Microsoft Band 2. Let us know in the comments if you’ve run into this issue.

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