Unravel, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst top this week’s Games With Gold sale

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It’s once again that time of the week where the list of Xbox Deals with Gold gets refreshed. Topping the list of sales this week is Unravel, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Elite Dangerous, Skate 3 and so much more. As always, we’ve given the deals a look and have included the details for you below.

Xbox One:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: $59.99 now $35.99

Follow Faith, a daring free runner, as she fights for freedom in the city of Glass. What appears to be an elegant, high-tech city on the outside, has a terrible secret hidden within. Explore every corner from the highest beautifully lit rooftops to the dark and gritty tunnels below. The city is huge, free to roam and Faith in at the center of it all. Through the first-person perspective, combine her fluid movement and advanced combat with the city’s surroundings to master the environment and uncover the conspiracy. This is Mirror’s Edge for this generation, raising the bar for immersion in action-adventure games.

Unravel: $19.99 now $10.00

Unravel is a visually stunning, physics-based puzzle platformer. Using yarn to swing from tree branch to tree branch or hitch a ride on a flying kite, no feat is too big. Yarny is brought to life as the representation of the ties that bind loved-ones together.  Embark with Yarny on a seemingly larger than life adventure to reconnect the long-lost memories of a family. Told completely without words, experience an exciting and heartfelt story about love, hope and the journey of life.

Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition: $59.99 now $35.99

The Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition is a bundle that includes Elite Dangerous: Arena, Elite: Dangerous, Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the Elite Dangerous Core and the Commander Pack. The Elite Dangerous: Commander Pack contains a selection of 18 paint jobs for you to begin customizing the appearance of your ship in Elite Dangerous.

Of course, the above-mentioned titles are just a few of the Xbox One deals this week. Many other titles are included in this week’s Deals with Gold sale, so please check them out below.

  1. Alekhine’s Gun 60% off
  2. Elite Dangerous Standard Edition 35% off
  3. Farming Simulator 15 : 67% off
  4. GunWorld 2 33% off
  5. Homefront: The Revolution: 40% off
  6. Homefront: The Revolution Freedom Fighter Bundle: 50% off
  7. JumpJet Rex: 33% off
  8. Letter Quest / Three Fourths Home / Paranautical Activity Bundle: 60% off
  9. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition: 60% off
  10. Titanfall Deluxe Edition: 75% off
  11. Trials of the Blood Dragon: 33% off
Xbox One Controller
Xbox One Controller

Xbox 360:

Skate 3:

The SKATE™ franchise is back and rolling into new territory as SKATE™ 3 heads to the brand new city of Port Carverton. Delivering a unique co-op skateboarding experience, build your own customized skate team and change the face of the city by taking on unique team challenges, competing against rival crews online, and shredding the streets of an all-new skaters’ paradise. SKATE™ 3 – Team Up. Throw Down.


Mars: War Logs:

An intense cyberpunk RPG on the red planet! Mars War Logs takes you to Mars, nearly a century after the cataclysm that threw the planet and its colonists into chaos. Water has become the most precious resource on the arid red planet, with a few companies fighting a perpetual war for its control. In the middle of this struggle, play as Roy, a renegade with multiple talents who finds himself dragged in an epic story where every choice counts.

Faery: Legends of Avalon

Faery: Legends of Avalon is a big role playing game with a very distinctive ambience and graphic style. Create your character, embark in a great adventure and discover the fantastic world of Avalon. You will have to understand why this magic world is dying, and save the kingdom from certain disappearance.

Again, just like on the Xbox One side of things, the above mentioned games are only a few included in this week’s Deals with Gold savings. For the complete list of Xbox 360 games included this week, please see the list below.

  1. Bound by Flame : 75% off
  2. Contrast : 75% off
  3. Farming Simulator : 75% off
  4. Farming Simulator 15 : 67% off
  5. RAW : 75% off
  6. SSX : 67% off

These deals are all only valid from now until August 29th for Xbox Live Gold Members, so if you’re interested in any of these games, be sure to act now and act fast! As always, though, please let us know what you think of these deals by dropping us a comment below!

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