Unofficial Twitch app ‘Games TV’ for Windows Phone 8 lets you watch your favorite games

Unofficial Twitch app 'Games TV' for Windows Phone 8 lets you watch your favorite games

Twitch, for those who did not know, is a live streaming video platform that focuses on video games. You can watch your favorite games or follow your favorite Twitch TV players on Windows Phone 8 thanks to the unofficial app ‘Games TV.’

“Love watching online games? Love Games TV will allow you to watch your favorite’s games & players online,” the app description reads. Here are the key features of the Games TV app:

  • Browse live streams by games , channels or followed channels
  • Play live streams
  • Support for multiple resolutions and bitrates
  • Support for online chat
  • Record live streams to your phone storage and watch them later
  • Transfer recorded files between your phone and your computers
  • Files manager to browse and to manage recorded files in both your phone and your computers
  • Application password protection

The app is currently at version and was last updated on 11/8/2013. It runs for $2.49 and has nearly 500 reviews, with the majority of the reviews being positive. Check out the app and see how you like it!

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