Unofficial Starbucks app 'Buckstar' arrives for Windows Phone 8.1 as a Beta

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Unofficial starbucks app 'buckstar' arrives for windows phone 8. 1 as a beta

While we sit here and wait patiently for Starbucks to release their official app for Windows Phone, which we learned was in the works about four months ago, a new third party app has made its appearance. Currently in Beta, Buckstar is a cool new app that allows you to enjoy your Starbucks experience on your Windows Phone device.

Requiring Windows Phone 8.1, Buckstar lets you see your reward details, card details, and it features wallet integration. This means you can pay for your coffee using your Windows Phone device. You can even see how much money is left on your card.

The app is currently limited to the US region. If you are in a different region, the app may/may not work, but the balance shown will always be in USD. "This is a BETA version and although all the app does is only provide an information-view, we do not believe there will be any loss of data," the developer (Eyer Technologies) states.

Hit the download link below to snag the app for free. 

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