Unofficial giffgaff app for Windows Phone gets new features and UI; desktop version in the works

If you're a giffgaff customer and are the proud owner of a Windows Phone, you may want to check out this unofficial giffgaff app from developer Ian Morland called "my giffgaff". It was recently updated with a brand new user-interface that brings it in-line with the iOS and Android apps, along with new features which will make topping up your account easier than ever before, plus more.
As mentioned above, the app is unofficial meaning it is not developed by giffgaff themselves. However, the app does have giffgaffs blessing, supplying developer Ian Morland with API access specifically for the app. It does feel very much like a 1st party app, something giffgaff customers will definitely appreciate.
The updated app also introduces the ability to top up from within the app. Previously, users were taken out of the app and to the giffgaff website, which was a clunky experience. That doesn't happen now, you just simply hit the top up option, and it's all handled in-app. The ability to outright purchase a goodybag is not working just yet, but that feature is high up on the to-do list and will be available soon.
Finally, other features include the ability to have up to 6 accounts accessible in the app, and the ability to communicate with the giffgaff community via your inbox. A lot of awesome features packed in the latest update, so I suggest you check it out.
Ian Morland is also very much in with the universal app platform, and says that a Windows 10 desktop app is in the works. This will allow customers to check their balance and top up directly from their PCs and laptops without even needing to be with their phone, which will further streamline the giffgaff experience.
Hit the download link below and let us know what you think of "my giffgaff"

Developer: Ian Morland
Price: Free

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