Unofficial Pushbullet Beta app arrives on Windows Phone, works like a charm

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Unofficial client of Pushbullet Beta arrives on Windows Phone Store, works like charm

One of the most fascinating tools available across platforms, Pushbullet, has finally arrived on Windows Phone Store. Well, kind of. It’s a 3rd-party app, built by a developer from UK, who assures us that he has talked to the developers of Pushbullet, and they are quite excited about it. Point is, unlike Tinder, Pushbullet isn’t going to be pulled out of the Windows Phone Store (at least we hope not).

For those who aren’t familiar with Pushbullet, it’s an app that makes sending links, files, and images across devices astonishingly simple. It’s available for Web browsers: Chrome and Firefox, as well as Windows PC, and Android, iOS, and now Windows Phone. Once installed, you can send files, notes, and links in just a single click to a select device.

While the beta version of the app is now available on Windows Phone Store, you will be required to register first to get an access. You can find the registration link below. Once you have been added to the list of beta testers, you will be provided with an access code.

Pushbullet app for Windows Phone will offer real-time notifications. As of now, you will be able to check the push history for last 7 days, though, the developer says he will increase the timeframe soon. You can send notes, files, images, addresses to other devices.

If you are interested in participating in the beta program for this third-party app, head over to the VIA link below.

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