Unlocked Surface Duo gets its November update, patching the camera, touch stability, and more

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Surface Duo Review Featured Image

If you own a Surface Duo, it’s time to check for a new update from Microsoft. On November 13, the company pushed out the November security and firmware update for the unlocked version of the Surface Duo. It refines image quality on the camera, and a lot more. Here’s what you need to know.

Now pushing up the latest version up to 2020.1014.61 on unlocked Surface Duos, the update not only patches the camera but also fixes some usability issues, too. According to Microsoft, it improves moving or dismissing of apps when spanned across both screens. The update also improves touch stability and general device stability.

If you’ve been keeping track, this is technically the third update for the Surface Duo. It originally got a launch day patch on September 10, and a second update (considered the first security and monthly patch) a month later in October. That update improved call stability and experience, touch stability, as well as overall device stability.

According to multiple reports on Reddit, this update comes in at roughly 137MB in size. Just like in October, the reaction to it has been very positive so far. Folks have reported that the camera now appears faster, as well as with detecting which screen it’s running on. Other Surface Duo owners report that the device is now much snappier, including notifications.

Again, Microsoft has committed to 3 years of updates to the Duo and will update it to Android 11 when it’s ready. No word yet on when Android 11 will arrive, however. Owners of the locked AT&T version of the Duo, meanwhile, will need to wait it out for this update to pass testing with the carrier, first.