Unlike Chase and Bank of America, Wells Fargo has no plans to retire Windows Phone app

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Unlike Chase and Bank of America, Wells Fargo has no plans to retire Windows Phone app

On January 28, we brought you news that Chase bank and Bank of America were no longer supporting Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. According to Chase bank, only a few people used Windows Phone and it did not justify maintaining an app for that platform. Bank of America wasn’t clear exactly why they were no longer supporting Windows Phone, but no explanation was needed as the reason was quite obvious.

Wells Fargo, on the other hand, is another large worldwide bank who, instead of shunning Microsoft’s mobile platform like Chase and Bank of America, has decided to announce that they have no plans to retire their Windows Phone app.

“Wells Fargo is committed to delivering apps that help our 14 million mobile banking customers manage their money virtually anytime, anywhere, and at this time we have no plans to retire our Windows 8 phone app,” a Wells Fargo spokeswoman told USA Today. “We continue to examine our customers’ needs and usage, and make our decisions accordingly.”

Glad to see Wells Fargo showing their support for Windows Phone, considering Chase and Bank of America announce, within days of each other, that Windows Phone users should opt for the mobile banking website instead of an app. 

With Windows 10 around the corner, these two banks may consider Microsoft’s platform again, but for now, Chase and Bank of America customers will have to use the mobile website. Both banks, for example, do not allow you to deposit checks via the mobile site, which is why the Windows Phone app came in handy. 

Do you bank with any of these three major banks? Do you think more banks will come out and shun Windows Phone? Any guesses on which banks might just do that?

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