Universal Windows App Tweet It! snags huge update, UI and performance improvements abound

Kit McDonald

As one of the best apps for Twitter on the Windows 10 platform, Tweet It! has just updated to v 2.7.0 with a slew of new features and improvements. The developer has provided all of the details on their blog, and here’s everything that’s new.


– UI improvements for mobile devices
– Huge UI improvements for Continuum

– Performance improvements when streaming tweets
– Performance improvements for rendering tweets and etc.
– Improved composing tweet experience
– Added support for GIF upload
– Added GIF search panel when composing tweet
– Added last photos panel when composing a tweet
– Ability to show quick action buttons under tweets

– Microsoft Band sync improvements
– Localization improvements
– New style for CommandBar (panel with buttons at the bottom)
– New style for ScrollBar
– Filters improvements
– Sharing improvements
– Added ability to lock display rotation in native orientation
– Added panel with all hotkeys list
– Added settings for composing tweets

– Improved application launch experience
– Added preview in appearance settings panel

Tweet It!

The Tweet It! app can be downloaded from the Store and is currently having a sale for only $1.49 USD until the end of the week. Then it will return to its normal price of $5.99.

Tweet It! for Windows
Tweet It! for Windows