Universal Windows 10 apps on Xbox: Here are features that are not yet supported

Microsoft's big developer conference starts tomorrow morning and the Redmond giant has several exciting things up their sleeves. Discovered via Microsoft's updated Dev Center website, Microsoft has listed Universal Windows 10 app features that are not yet supported on the Xbox. Yes, you read that right. We already know that Microsoft plans to have Universal Windows Platform (UWP) support on the Xbox, but this listing offers further confirmation that this is close to becoming a reality. As you can read from the snippet below, Microsoft might be rolling out a new update to the Xbox adding support for UWP.

Xbox runs Windows 10, version 1607, which means that it shares the same core operating system as other devices in the Windows 10 family: desktop, mobile, and HoloLens. But, because this is the first release of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) on Xbox, there are some feature areas that haven’t reached the same level of support on Xbox as they have on other devices. In this topic are details on some of the feature areas that your UWP app might use that don’t currently function as fully on Xbox. All APIs are callable and will fail gracefully if they’re unsupported. As we flight and service Windows, we’ll continue implementing, testing, and bugfixing until all of the Universal device family API surface is fully operational on Xbox.

If you are an app developer and you are curious to see the entire list of features that are not yet supported on the Xbox, head over to this link. It appears that tile, toast, and badge notifications, as well as the Share contract will not be available during this first go-around.

We'll find out more tomorrow when the Day 1 keynote of Build 2016 takes place. You can follow all the Build 2016 news here and watch the live stream here (starts at 8:30AM PST).

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