Universal App lets people explore the universe through NASA TV

Sean Michael

NASA TV Live for Windows

Fans of space exploration and NASA are now able to watch NASA TV across Windows devices thanks to a universal app named ‘NASA TV Live.” The app was announced by its developer Martin Suchan on Reddit.

The app provides access to all three of NASA TV’s channels including ‘Public,’ ‘Education,’ and ‘Media.’ It’s a straightforward interface that runs well and is lightweight.

Martin Suchan explained why he felt the need to develop the app in his Reddit post:

“Couple of months ago there was a scheduled start of new Orion module by NASA. As an astronomy fan I was planning to watch it, but found no way on my WP8.1 device how to do it – it uses Http Live Streaming, that is not supported in mobile IE nor in native API. So I created NASA TV Live Universal Windows App that simply plays NASA TV, no more no less.”

Suchan has over a dozen apps in the Windows Store and almost all of them have ratings between four and five stars.  You can get the apps for Windows Phone and Windows via the links below.