Unable to create Teams Meeting in Outlook? Try this, says Microsoft

Kevin Okemwa

automatic responses in Microsoft Outlook

After issuing a workaround for Outlook’s sign-in issues, Microsoft has yet again identified another issue. Some users have encountered issues when trying to create a Teams meeting in Outlook Desktop because the option is missing. The company further added that the issue is likely to occur if the Teams Meeting add-in becomes disabled.

As a workaround, Microsoft recommends that users should try to enable the add-in and check whether the issue is resolved. You can enable it by navigating through File > Options > Add-ins > Manage and then selecting Disabled items and finally click on Go.

Screenshot of Outlook options window

If the Teams add-in features in the Disabled Items list, click on it and select Enable. And finally, restart Outlook. This should resolve the issue and allow you to create a Teams meeting from the Outlook Desktop client.

Microsoft further details that you can prevent the Teams Meeting add-in from being disabled in Outlook by adding a registry key. Be sure to check out Microsoft’s blog post for more details on how to go about this process.

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Via: Neowin.net