UK Youths dream up futuristic technology as part of the Microsoft STEM Student Challenge

The future of technology is a wild frontier, and just about anything is possible as we continue to advance into the golden age of gadgetry. Microsoft showcased optimism about the future of technology  with the STEM student challenge: a program where they had students put together ideas for new inventions that they could see themselves using 20 years from now. Ideas ranged from the interesting (a drone that carries medical supplies around) and the fantastic (a tree with data stored in its leaves.)

Teams of students all over the world are putting together ideas for the STEM student challenge, and we’re sure that each one of them is going to be a fascinating look into the the future, in one way or another. Some of these ideas might seem silly now, but as one student put it, “anything could be possible” 20 years in the future.

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What do you think will be possible 20 years from now?