UK and AU Bing website receives animated homepage wallpapers

by Email Twitter: ZacB_ Nov 16th, 2011 in News

Those from the United Kingdom and Australia can now experience new Animated videos on the Bing Homepage, instead of the usual daily photo. The animation features a green frog, climbing a stick in the Manu National Park in Peru.

Microsoft have enabled their first ever animated homepage for British and Australian users today, featuring a green frog on a stick. The animations follow the launch which happened for the United States in September. When Microsoft launched animations for the U.S. Bing website, they said: “We won’t be programming a video every day, just when the mood strikes us,” which obviously indicates that they won’t be updating the animation daily.

The company will more than likely do the same for the UK and AU site, so more users can receive not only images, but video as well.

The first ever Animated Homepage Bing received featured a video of the Grand National Park in Wyoming. Microsoft originally wanted to launch animated videos as part of it’s HTML5 version, which promised smooth animations and increased speed of the site. Bing is also planning to launch small windows as you scroll down the page to keep the navigation tabs in view.

Microsoft haven’t announced a launch date for these new HTML 5 updates, but we have been told to expect them soon.

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