UC Browser and Fhotolens for Windows Phone updated, brings several new handy features

Uc browser and fhotolens for windows phone

It's been a busy month in the Windows Phone ecosystem. While the product has continued to grow stronger, many new apps and dozens of updates were spotted this month. With the month about to end, two popular apps, UC Browser and Fhotolens added some new features. Without further adieu, let's dive into it.

Popular browser, and to be fair, the only decorous browser apart from Internet Explorer - which comes bundled on Windows Phone, UC Browser upped its version number to 3.4 and brought along some handy new features.

  • Menu Optimization: The Menu option has been simplified and made to look better. It enhances the browsing and navigation experience, and integrates with the action menu, settings and bookmarks more harmoniously.
  • Bluetooth File Sharing: Now you will be able to share your downloaded files over Bluetooth or QR Code.

Recently, the app also spiced up its Speed Dial page which lets you pin your favorite websites and features to it. Along with Geo-location share, better site navigation, and extended support for file sharing over WiFi, it also revamped its Live Tiles and Splash Screen support.

The other app which received an update recently is Fhotolens. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Fhotolens is a camera app that lets you capture images with a virtual 10-24 mm lens environment. It's free trial version is available on the store, you can grab it from the download link given below.

Here are some new features you can find in version 1.5 of Fhotolens:

  • New Exposure Time Slider Support: The exposure time has been extended to 4 seconds.
  • New 2 or 3xp HDR's and New HDR f-stop increments of +/- 1, 1.5 or 2EV : You can now switch across HDR +/- bracketing two stops.
  • UI Updates: With the removal of some settings, including the Scenic option, the user interface has had a bit of a makeover as well.

You can grab both the applications from the download links below.

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