Ubuntu for phones, should Windows Phone be worried?

The team behind the Ubuntu operating system have today announced Ubuntu for phones, a new OS for mobiles that's set to take on major players that are already in the mobile market. I'll admit, Ubuntu for phones looks stunning, fast, fluid and overall great, and as Windows Phone also looks stunning, fast, fluid and overall great, should they be worried?

I think yes, I think Windows Phone should be very worried. In fact, I think everyone in the mobile market should be worried. Ubuntu for phones looks like it's about to change the way we phones today, with a completely gesture-based phone, no hardware or software buttons. Everything will be gesture-based, something I've never seen before.

Remember when the iPhone launched in 2007, it changed the way we use our phones today, and I think the same is about to happen with Ubuntu for phones. While it's too early to tell if consumers are going to like Ubuntu for phones, I can definitely tell I'm going to like it. Although there's still one downfall that every mobile OS suffers from, hardware.

If the hardware for Ubuntu for phones isn't good, then the phone itself will fail. This is one of the reasons why iPhone is so popular, it isn't the software it runs, have you actually seen iOS? It's terrible. Ubuntu for phones will depend on good quality hardware for its success, just as Android and Windows Phone do.

Are you excited for Ubuntu for phones, or are you not intrigued?

Ubuntu for phones, should Windows Phone be worried? - OnMSFT.com - January 2, 2013

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