Ubisoft to reveal Far Cry 5 details on May 26th

Kit McDonald

Ubisoft has been gearing up to reveal more information on their upcoming titles. Getting a one-up on E3 2017 set for next month, the official twitter account teased Far Cry 5 today.

While the teaser was centered around a PlayStation 4 release, the game will also be coming to Xbox One and PC. Another teaser was posted on YouTube gives just a little bit further detail.

Of course, with any proper teaser, the short 37-42 seconds gave just enough to whet the appetite of Far Cry fans. From what we can gather, the setting will be Hope County, Montana. The location looks simple enough, a western theme music fitting with the visual.

The full announcement video will be released on May 26th. With the April 2018 projected release date, we should be seeing far more soon.