Ubisoft joins Microsoft in asking which Xbox 360 games should jump to Xbox One

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Ubisoft Titles

One of the announcements that Xbox fans got most excited about at this year’s E3 press conference was that Xbox 360 titles would soon be playable on the Xbox One. However, only a limited number of 100 games will be available when the program starts in November, and the whole Xbox 360 back catalog will mostly likely never make it over to the Xbox One.
To that end, Ubisoft is actively canvassing gamers to find out which Ubisoft Xbox 360 titles they would like to see ported over to the Xbox One. Ubisoft has a huge collection of popular games and according to its Mexico Facebook page, every game is up for grabs from the original Prince of Persia, Far Cry 2 or even Assassin’s Creed.

As we told you previously, the Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, is a big fan of the new backward compatibility feature too. At a recent post-earnings financial call, he claimed that the new functionality was great for everyone in the gaming industry:

It’s good news for gamers that Microsoft was able to work on the compatibility aspect. They expect to come with 100 titles quite quickly, so that’s really good news.

This backward compatibility feature is a great way for publishers to conserve momentum in their older games as gamers transition over to the next generation console. This feature may also encourage many Xbox 360 gamers to make the jump over to the latest generation Xbox One. If gamers can tell gamers which titles they would most like to see on Xbox One, the most popular titles will be available on the new console, and that can only be good for the platform.
Microsoft also has a feedback page asking people to vote for the game they would like to see come to the Xbox One. The page is just a guide to all developers. Microsoft doesn’t promise that these games will be converted over. As of now the Ubisoft Facebook page is the best way to get your favorite Ubisoft Xbox 360 game over to the Xbox One.