Two surprise additions coming to PC Game Pass in June and July with Total War: Three Kingdoms and Last Call BBS

Robert Collins

The Game Pass reveals just keep on coming! Two more additions to the service have just been announced, and one of them will be landing on PC Game Pass next week.

Total War: Three Kingdoms—June 21

The 12th mainline installment in the long-running Total War series of “turn-based strategy, real-time tactics” games takes its empire-building and conquest to ancient China for the first time in the franchise. Available on Windows (also Linux and macOS) and coming to PC Game Pass.

Last Call BBS—July 5

Coming to PC Game Pass in July, Last Call BBS will be the last game from Opus Magnum developer Zachtronics. It is actually a collection of new programming-based puzzle games, the kind for which the studio is known. The 8 games included are: 20th Century Food Court, STEED FORCE Hobby Studio, X’BPGH: The Forbidden Path, Sawayama Solitaire, Dungeons & Diagrams, ChipWizard Professional, HACK*MATCH, and Kabufuda Solitaire.

While neither of these may be among the most hotly-anticipated games of 2022, it is still good to see PC Game Pass getting some special attention, and these games are both great additions to the service.