Two new unannounced tiles for Microsoft Band spotted in SDK

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Two new unannounced tiles for Microsoft Band spotted in the SDK

Not too long ago, Microsoft pushed a significantly big update, introducing a handful of new features such as guided workouts, new live tiles, virtual keyboard, and a lot more to the Microsoft Band -- you can check out the complete list of features introduced in the update here. Along with the update, Microsoft also introduced the software development kit (SDK) for the band, which reveals some interesting tidbits that are yet to be announced, including two new unannounced Live Tiles which are not yet available for the wearable device -- Bing Sports and Bing News.

Microsoft already has some of the Bing apps available on the Band so it wouldn't be too surprising to see new Bing apps on the wearable device. Bing Sports would be a welcomed addition to it, but we're not too sure of how comfortable users will be when it comes to reading news on the Band. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen how Microsoft figures it out to make it interesting enough for Band users. 

It's also worth mentioning that Microsoft has already rebranded Bing apps to MSN, so there's a possibility that the traces found in the SDK could be old, but we can not discard the chance of the new tiles making their way on to the device.

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