Two more Windows 8 screenshots leak

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Thus far, Microsoft has remained tight lipped about its upcoming flagship operating system, Windows 8. Fortunately for us, two new screenshots have been leaked to give us a little glimpse at the upcoming Windows 8.

These screenshots are courtesy of MyDigitalLife and showcase the taskbar which contains the Windows Live ID login and user picture.

Two more Windows 8 screenshots leak - - March 13, 2011

Two more Windows 8 screenshots leak - - March 13, 2011

You can thank whomever leaked these screenshots for ignoring Microsoft’s admonition, “Let’s not leak our hard work.”

Not much is really known about Windows 8. Microsoft’s next big thing in the operating system standpoint is scheduled to hit RTM (Release to Manufacturing) at the very end of the year 2012. Windows 8 will then be available at retail stores around January 7th, of 2013.

You can view the two original screenshots that leaked on the 4th of March: Leaked Windows 8 Screenshots Show Improved Taskbar

Stay tuned as we provide you any late breaking details on Windows 8.

Update: The original wallpaper seen in the screenshots is now available here.

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