Twitter’s new 280 character tweets already showing on Windows 10 Mobile & PC

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile platform may be on death’s doorstep but fortunately, it’s tied to its PC brethren through the company’s Universal Windows Platform development which means it and the desktop version just acquired Twitters new 280-character limit upgrade.

Late yesterday, the news/social media network announced that it has upped the number of characters users now have at their disposal for expression.

While Twitter has revealed that it is working with a small number of users, it would seem Windows development has been included in that group. It is not clear whether or not the update is targeted to individuals or platforms, so there is a chance that users on either Windows phones or PCs may still be waiting for the full rollout of the new 280-character limit.

As many have pointed out since the announcement, tools focused on harassment and editing are a bit more sought after than increasing the character limit, but for now, it’s nice to see Windows users abreast of the changes to the platform at the same time as others.

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