Twitter PWA updates on Windows 10 with autoplay videos & more changes -
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Twitter PWA updates on Windows 10 with autoplay videos & more changes

The official Windows 10 Twitter app updated with a proper Microsoft Store app update download today even though it's a Progressive Web App (PWA) and doesn't usually require one.

This in-Store update seems to have finally pushed out some of the new functionality that was technically added with the previous Twitter update a week ago but needed a system-wide push to turn it all on. This was confirmed by a recent tweet by Twitter's Charlie Croom.

Here's what the official release notes say was added with the previous update. All of these features should now be live.

  • Users of screen readers should now be able to navigate to areas of the page beside the main timelines more easily.
  • Videos can now be attached to tweets (limit 15MB).
  • Threads are now easier than ever to create. Add additional tweets to a new thread from the composer.
  • Search results now highlight the query that was matched in each result.
  • Sharing a Tweet via DM will now immediately send it once a recipient is selected. You can view the conversation after it's sent by clicking the toast notification.
  • When you upload Tweet photos, you can now attach descriptive text that will be read for screen reader users to help them understand the photo.

Here's the new Windows-specific features mentioned in the same release notes which were likely activated with today's update.

  • Windows: Links to from Edge browser will now open in the app.
  • Windows: Viewing live events or moments will add an entry to your Windows Timeline so you can easily return later to see updates.

Interestingly, today's update also seems to have finally brought auto-play videos and animated gifs to the Twitter app's timeline on Windows 10 PCs. Unfortunately, while the app also updated for Windows 10 Mobile Windows phones today, videos and gifs still seem to be static until tapped.

Do you use the Twitter PWA on your Windows 10 device and have you noticed any other changes with this update? Let us know in the comments below and then follow us on Twitter for more app news.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free

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