Twitter puts its entire heart into Twitter and Vine, Windows 10 app updated

Email Twitter: @TheTechChat Nov 3rd, 2015 inNews

Twitter is all about making their Twitter and Vine services more human, apparently. No long will we show how much we like a Tweet or Vine with a mere star. No, starting today, we’ll demonstrate our love with that romantic of symbols, the heart.

Twitter has updated their apps accordingly, although third-party apps might take a little time to catch up. The Windows 10 Twitter client is fully on board, as you can see.

You'll now heart a Tweet. No more stars!

You’ll now heart a Tweet. No more stars!

The same thing with the Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile Vine client:

More hearts!

More hearts!

So, if you’d rather show your heart on your sleeve, Twitter has you covered. Download the apps and put your heart out there.

Developer: ‪Twitter Inc.‬
Price: Free
Developer: ‪Vine Labs Inc‬
Price: Code needed

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