Twitter puts its entire heart into Twitter and Vine, Windows 10 app updated

Twitter is all about making their Twitter and Vine services more human, apparently. No long will we show how much we like a Tweet or Vine with a mere star. No, starting today, we’ll demonstrate our love with that romantic of symbols, the heart.

Twitter has updated their apps accordingly, although third-party apps might take a little time to catch up. The Windows 10 Twitter client is fully on board, as you can see.

You'll now heart a Tweet. No more stars!

You’ll now heart a Tweet. No more stars!

The same thing with the Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile Vine client:

More hearts!

More hearts!

So, if you’d rather show your heart on your sleeve, Twitter has you covered. Download the apps and put your heart out there.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free
Developer: Vine Labs Inc
Price: unknown
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Will you be hearting Tweets and Vines?