Twitter experiments with video playback speed and public broadcasting for Spaces

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Twitter has released an official list of all of the new features and changes that have been added or experimented with over the last month or so and there’s quite a bit to take note of.

Twitter’s voice-chat feature, Spaces, continues to grow with the addition of new privacy settings and the rollout of broadcasts that can be viewed by the general public whether they’re logged into Twitter or not. Twitter has also begun experimenting with playback speed for native Twitter videos. While this isn’t a feature that most people use when watching videos online, it is a very common one to see in most media apps and sites so its addition to Twitter is a bit overdue.

The new feature that’s garnered the most buzz since it began to rollout last month is the new ability to remove someone from following you without the need to block them. The release notes confirm that this functionality is now live for all users.

Here’s the full release notes for the last month of Twitter updates and changes for the web experience and the Windows Twitter app.


  • Followers Management: The ability to remove followers is now available for all.
  • Spaces: There is now a section in Privacy & Safety settings where you can control your preferences for Twitter Spaces. You can tweak whether your followers can see the Spaces you are passively listening to.
  • Spaces: Listening to Spaces on is now available for all logged out users.
  • Topics: We’ve added additional controls to Topic landing pages to give you the ability to follow or let us know if you’re not interested.
  • Video: We’re experimenting with providing controls for adjusting playback speed of videos.


  • Accessibility: Improved default accessibility labeling for selection pills, along with adding hover labels for embedded actions.
  • Login: Improved autocomplete hints within the login flow.
  • Promoted Cards: The associated website’s URL will now always be rendered above the card’s title.
  • Spaces: Reactions from other participants can now be viewed within the dock when in a Space.
  • Spaces: We’ve enabled the ability to toggle captions within the Space dock.
  • Spaces: Spaces presence rings will now show you the Spaces peek view instead of taking you to the landing page.


  • Accessibility: Modal views which are rendered on top of other modal views should now be handled appropriately by screen readers.
  • Accessibility: Increased the color contrast of links when using the primary display color and increased color contrast is enabled.
  • Accessibility: Keyboard focus controls will now work correctly with the audience controls selector.
  • Account: Unmuting an account will now be reflected properly in the muted accounts list without requiring a session refresh.
  • Composer: The typeahead menu will no longer conflict with the list of reply Tweets when replying inline on mobile.
  • Communities: Corrected instances of needing to scroll to see the Community rules link within the composer.
  • DMs: URLs which do not generate a corresponding card will now show up as text rather than an empty message.
  • Polls: Composing a Tweet thread with a poll will no longer cause an error when attempting to send the Tweets.
  • Quote Tweets: Multiple tombstones will no longer be rendered on top of Quote Tweets with media content deemed sensitive.
  • Sign Up: Fixed translations within certain sections of the onboarding flow.
  • Spaces: When kicked from a Space, you will now be properly removed and informed of the action.
  • Tabs: Improved scroll snapping of scrollable tabs on Chrome.
  • Third-Party Sign On: The Google sign on prompt will now only be rendered on supported platforms.
  • Topics: Fixed visual issues with feedback buttons on the topical Tweet detail page.
  • Topics: Hover labels for the Topic dismiss button will now render properly.
  • Topics: Landing pages will now render the Topic context properly in all cases.
  • Verification: Resolved issues with progressing to the authenticity selection screen when applying for specific types of verification.
  • Video: Playback timestamps will now update properly while scrubbing through a track.

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