Twitter and Instagram stats tracker UnfollowSpy for Windows Phone free for next three days

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Twitter and instagram stats tracker unfollowspy for windows phone free for next three days

Now here is an opportunity to understand your Twitter and Instagram popularity a little better. UnfollowSpy, an app that allow users to track their social network stats, is running free in the Windows Phone Store for the next three days.

For those who’re unfamiliar, UnfollowSpy lets user know who has unfollowed them, and gives you a single-click option to unfollow them, if that is how you deal with things. Similarly, you will be told if the folks you are following aren’t following you back in return.

UnfollowSpy typically asks for $1.49 to unlock its premium features (through in-app purchases), but for next three days, you can grab everything for free. The premium features include, removal of ads from the app, ability to follow and unfollow many in bulk. You can also use the app to know your top followers, worst followers, and secret admirers on both Twitter, and Instagram.

Grab it from the download link below and spice up your social networking. Do let us know how you intend to use this app.

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