Twitter and Bing renew real-time search deal


Looks like Microsoft has extended its real-time search deal with Twitter to allow for Twitter updates on Microsoft’s Bing search engine results. Microsoft now has a major competitive advantage over its rival, Google, who used to have a similar real-time search deal with Twitter.

The guys over at TheNextWeb spotted the Titter and Bing conversation that sparked everyone’s curiosity as to what was going on. Take a look below for the conversation:

Microsoft’s official twitter account even tweeted by saying “Hey @Bing and @Twitter: Get a room, you two! :)” while linking to TheNextWeb’s story. Kind of an odd way to announce a new company deal, but hey, we do live in a social media era don’t we?

Microsoft even hinted that there are “bigger and better” things yet to come. Any guesses on what this could be? Perhaps the long awaited HTML5 version of Bing with tight Twitter integration?

Twitter originally signed contracts with both Google and Microsoft back in 2009. Back in July, we learned that Twitter was asking Microsoft to fork over $30 million dollars just to use real-time updates on its search results. Twitter wanted increased control over Bing’s user interface. Twitter also wanted control on how information is presented within the search results. In fact, most importantly for both companies, how the advertisement revenue will be split was also up in the air. Once we get an official press statement, we will find out exactly what kind of deal was made.