Twitter adjusts its 140-character limits, media, quotes, and replies no longer count

Email Twitter: @ Sep 19th, 2016 inNews

It looks like Twitter is finally making good on its promises to revamp how users share. Today, an update went live for Twitter to adjust how the restricting 140 character limit will be implemented. According to the official tweet posted earlier today, quoted tweets, media, and polls won’t be counted in the character limit which frees up just a little more space to tell everyone just how badly you can’t wait for Redstone 2 to release.

Neowin pointed out that usernames are still counted towards the limit and ¬†another feature that users are anxious for is an edit button. There’s no word if Twitter intends to make these changes in the future.

The new character limit inclusions is already live on Twitter and should be available to everyone. Don’t forget to add WinBeta (soon to be On MSFT) on Twitter to talk with us about the latest news and updates. Now with just a few more freedom¬†than before.

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