Twitter, AccuWeather, and Adobe Reader Touch apps for Windows 8 updated

Twitter for Windows 8

A few new popular apps have received an update in the Windows Store very recently, including Twitter, AccuWeather, and Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 8 and Windows RT. If you use these apps, snag these updates now!

The Twitter apps for Windows 8 features "other improvements and fixes" according to the change log on the Windows Store, while the Adobe Reader Touch app features "bug fixes." The Twitter app update also adds support for multiple accounts and lists. We are sure there are other fixes and improvements to both apps, so try it out and let us know in the comments below if you notice any new feature.

The Accuweather app for Windows 8 features a redesigned Hub View to include the 25 Day Calendar. My AccuWeather has now been moved to a standalone page and the app now has integrated Chinese Forcast and Observations Data for 3000 locations within China. You can now see moon phases in background animations as well as moon phase, moon rise, and moon set to the Hub View data for night views.

Hit the download links below to snag the updated apps. Let us know in the comments if you observe any new feature that hasn't been listed in the change log.

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