Tweetium for Windows 8.1 updated to version 2.8.3, brings several bug fixes and enhancements

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Tweetium for Windows 8.1

Tweetium is currently considered to be one of the best Twitter clients available for Windows 8/RT. Not too long ago, Tweetium for Windows 8.1 picked up an update, bumping it to version 2.8.3, which focused on feature improvements and bug fixes.

The latest update, released today, also brings several performance related improvements including reduction of memory usage by the app, in addition to new features, such as the ability to click on new follower and retweet notifications. Here’s a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes introduced in Tweetium v2.8.3:

  • Performance improvements and reduced memory usage
  • Fix uploading of certain kinds of pasted images
  • Don’t show progress dots for fast view switches
  • Fixed alignment of source app in the user’s own tweets
  • Add iconic mode for pinned user navbar entries
  • Fixed clipping of embedded videos in snap or phone views
  • New follower and RT notifications are now clickable
  • Share target UI updates
  • Fixed a rare case where HTML encoded characters could appear on tile updates
  • Improvements to error logging functionality

Head over to the Windows Store using the link below and grab one of the best Twitter clients for Windows. It costs $2.99, but it’s worth every single penny of it, especially if you’re a Twitter power user.

What is your favorite Twitter application to use in Windows 8?

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