Tweetium update improves quote tweet support and more

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Tweetium- Windows Phone

Twitter client Tweetium has received an extensive update. The update keeps Tweetium up to date with changes Twitter has made and will be enabling next month and has other improvements and bug fixes.

Here’s the full change log found in the Windows Store.


  • Improved Quote Tweet support, Drafts and Snippets, and bug fixes.


  • Quoted/Embedded tweets are now shown in the main view
  • Quote Tweet button now does a "new style" quote (embedded link) by default
  • "Classic" quote tweet functionality can be enabled in Settings/Advanced
  • Added support for saving tweet drafts and frequently used text snippets.
  • Tweet drafts are removed when you load them from the menu, but can be re-saved to keep them longer.
  • Snippets are saved until removed (via Settings/Advanced).
  • Drafts and snippets are per-account, and roam to other devices.
  • Note: Media attachments are not currently saved with drafts.
  • New "Insert new line" option in the tweet composer (most helpful for phone/tablet with default Enter behavior)
  • Added support for receiving >140 char direct messages (when enabled by Twitter next month)
  • Sending them will enabled in a future update after Twitter turns this on.
  • Fixes for timing issues where progressive loading on scroll could interfere with composing new tweets
  • Fixes for bugs which could occur when cancelling a tweet/thread expansion.

Some of the more notable improvements include multiple changes to how Tweetium handles the quote tweet functionality that is still relatively new to Twitter and the ability to receive direct messages of over 140 characters which will be rolled out next month by Twitter.

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