Tweetium Beta picks up an update, introduces several improvements and bug fixes

Tweetium beta picks up an update, introduces several improvements and bug fixes

Windows 8 users are familiar with how good Tweetium really is to manage Twitter. Earlier this year, the company also released the app for Windows Phone 8.1 users albeit in beta stages. Recently, the beta app received an update, bumping the build version to 287. The latest update focuses more on fixing the bugs within the app rather than introducing new features, and as we always see, bug fixes are welcomed since they improve they overall user experience of the app.

Here's the latest set of features and fixes introduced in the latest build:

Fix for a bug in the last update where pressing back to cancel a thread load would leave the original tile disabled.
Fix for a case where pressing the back button multiple times quickly could lead to duplicates of the original tweet tile appearing in the view
Workaround for an OS bug on phone which could cause the app UI / scrollers to break if the phone is rotated while inertia is happening
Same workaround for a similar case with inertia and resuming
Fixed issues with suspending and resuming while changing views
Fixed disappearing profile control on suspend/resume

If you're a Twitter power user, I'd suggest you give Tweetium for Windows Phone a try. It costs $2.99, but I'm sure it offers the features to justify the $3 price tag.

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