Tweetium app for Windows 8.1 gets another big update to 1.3, adds user mute, hashtag mute and more

Tweetium app for Windows 8.1 gets another big update to 1.3, adds user mute, hashtag mute and more new features

The app developer behind Tweetium has rolled out a new update to the app, adding a plethora of new features and fixes. We have been using Tweetium since its release and we have to argue that this app is likely one of the best Twitter apps available in the Windows Store today.

"Tweetium is the premium Windows 8 Twitter client you've been waiting for. It's slick. It's fast. This first release has been designed with ample feedback from serious Twitter users, with the goal of helping you get the most out of Twitter on Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets. Tweetium is a brand new app designed and developed by the maker of the critically acclaimed Newseen," the app description reads.

The app has been updated to version 1.3 and features the ability to mute users and hashtags - which is especially useful to block a user or specific hashtag from appearing in your feed. Also with this update, Tweetium has become a Share target for text, links, and images.

You can now see where you left off with a new indicator, telling you exactly where you left off the last time you used the app. Here is a complete list of other changes and improvements made to the app:

  • New option to disable image embedding in the main view
  • Expanded threads in portrait mode now scroll to the primary tweet
  • Threads expanded in portait mode now cap their height and use a subscroller
  • Many new and refined scrolling animations
  • Pressing enter now submits a tweet or message
  • Sharing a tweet now also shares embedded images
  • Improved thumbnail scaling for image upload preview
  • Improved connection and authentication error handling, particularly for cases where the PC's clock is set incorrectly
  • Deleting a list from Twitter while it is pinned no longer leaves it stuck pinned
  • Orphaned pinned list tabs are cleaned up on next run
  • Solved a graphical glitch where an out of place gray pixel would appear on recent tweets
  • RT'ing something no longer adds your RT to the Timeline view
  • Improvements to Instagram and Vine embedding
  • Improved DM streaming and refresh behavior
  • Fixes to DM conversation scroll position when unsnapping
  • Opening a tab in a new window now scopes the new window correctly when working offline
  • Opening a tab in a new window now marks it as read for all windows

The update is rolling out today, so keep checking the Windows Store. We've added the download link below as well. The app runs for $2.99.

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