Tweetium for Windows Phone now lets you view embedded videos and animated GIFs

Sean Michael


Update: The maker of Tweetium for Windows contacted us to clarify our reporting on the most recent update. Twitter recently announced that users can take videos directly from the Twitter application and embed them into tweets. The Tweetium update, which updates both Tweetium for Windows Phone and their Windows 8.1 counterparts, allows users to view embedded videos and animated GIFs using the newly added Twitter feature. Support to show Vines directly within the application was already in place. The original article can be seen below.

That most recent update to Twitter client Tweetium for Windows Phone allows viewing videos that are embedded into tweets including those in GIF and MP4. Tweetium is active in the world of updates and bug fixes, with change logs that are quite detailed and often refer to bug fixes and maintenance updates but also add features on a regular basis.

GIFs and MP4s in tweets are often used for sports highlights and short comedy videos. The social media platform most known for short videos is Vine but people can embed those videos into tweets. Not having to open a web browser or another app for something as simple as a short video is a nice time saver. It’s also an easy way to view Vines and other videos without having to be on another social media platform. The ability to play videos directly within the app was already available on the Windows version.

Tweetium is a good Twitter client available on Windows mobile, tablets, and desktops. The desktop and tablet version allows you to snap multiple adjustable windows at once. For example, you can have a trending page or follow a hashtag while you also scroll through your feed. The mobile version is essentially one window from the desktop and tablet version scaled down to fit to your phone. Searches and users can be pinned to the taskbar to eliminate the need to type them in every time you open the app. 

Paid users can sync their Twitter feeds to return to a last read spot regardless of what device they are on, though the syncing features lag a bit across the various Windows platforms. Tweetium doesn’t have all the features of a desktop client like Tweetdeck but it beats out the native Twitter app.