TweetDeck opts for Bing Translator to translate tweets

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TweetDeck opts for Bing Translator to translate tweets

There's no shortage of Twitter clients for Windows, and other major operating systems. One of the most notable ones is TweetDeck, a tool which has dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Chrome and major mobile operating systems. If you happen to be a regular TweetDeck user, you be glad to know the built-in translation feature is back.

The feature, powered by Bing, now give users the ability to translate tweets which are not in their native language to English. It doesn't provide the exact translation, but its good enough to deliver what the user is trying to say. There's a small translate button under the tweet which can help users translate tweets in other languages to English.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the relaunch of inline translation to the folks at Twitter, but didn't comment any further if the feature will make its way to other platforms anytime soon or not. 

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