TuneIn Radio app will soon get Windows 10 Mobile support

Vu Anh Nguyen

TuneIn Featured Image

Despite the hubbub around the fate of Windows 10 Mobile, the OS is very much alive and kicking, at least as long as Microsoft is committed to the idea of a universal backend on all devices. With relatively positive statistics on Windows 10 regarding app use, the hope for Microsoft is for this trend to trickle to Windows 10 Mobile(W10M) through the Universal Windows App(UWA) model. At least for the app TuneIn Radio, the strategy seems to be working, as W10M compatibility is in the works (thanks, Nick, for the tip!)

The news was revealed by the developer on Twitter as a reply to a Windows-using customer, who seems to be frustrated with the app’s incompatibility with W10M despite having appeared in the Store. California-based TuneIn is a popular service for listening to radio stations and podcasts around the world, with around 50 million monthly active users worldwide.

Its mobile app, TuneIn Radio, is in the editor’s choice section of major mobile OSes, and has been available for Windows since the Windows 8 era, on both phones and PC. With the arrival of Windows 10, however, a new version has been released with improved functionality and aesthetics, that seems to only be compatible with PC.

Windows 10 Mobile compatibility for a popular service like TuneIn is definitely welcomed, and shows Microsoft’s strategy is getting developers’ interest, or at least some. Microsoft has a lot of work to do still in this regard, and as Windows users, we can only hope the company will get its act together, in order to achieve its vision.