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Tune in to Lenovo's Windows 8 YOGA announcement at 3PM EST

Lenovo YOGA

Today Lenovo is posed to announce a brand new YOGA tablet running Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8. We have seen leaked images of the tablet, along with an officially posted teaser with Ashton Kutcher that showed up on Lenovo's corporate Facebook page. The tablet is said to have an HD 10-inch multi-touch display, 2 GB of RAM, an Intel Bay Trail CPU, and starting with a 16GB SSD.

The event is being live-streamed from London and anyone can tuned in via Google’s YouTube platform. We expect Ashton Kutcher himself to be making an appearance, as he has appeared in the teaser imagery for the event.

Check out the live stream above, and be sure to comment below during the event to fill us in with your thoughts and opinions! As Lenovo counts down to the 3PM event, they are running a series of videos showing off their broad product range.

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