TubeCast brings Chromecast support to Windows Phone, lets you stream YouTube videos

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TubeCast brings Chromecast support on Windows Phone, lets you stream YouTube videos

Chromecast is a USB adapter developed by Google that lets you stream audio/video content via WiFi from your laptops, smartphones and tablets. Since it supports the Chrome browser and a few other apps, you can easily configure it to run via a Windows, Mac, Android or an iOS device. But Windows Phone users, since Google doesn't support the platform, have no way in using the device. Now an app called, Tubecast for Windows Phone is here to change that.

Tubecast is a third-party YouTube client for Windows Phone that brings Chromecast support to Windows Phone. While it doesn’t offer as many features as MetroTube or myTube, TubeCast is still a very reliable app to access YouTube videos. “Use Tubecast as an incredible YouTube client and cast YouTube videos on your Smart TV, Chromecast, UPNP/DLNA devices ! Perfect for having fun with your friends or chilling on the couch” its app description reads.

Beside the support for Chromecast, the app also lets you download YouTube videos. In fact, it touts its ability to do that in the background as well. On a side note, it’s really interesting that most of the YouTube clients available on Windows Phone Store offer you offline viewing or the ability to download content from the video portal. If you remember, this was one of the key reasons why Google had revoked access to the official YouTube app for Windows Phone. You can find the link to Tubecast via download link below. 

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