Download the 'Try Lumia' app for handy tutorials on how to use your Windows Phone

Try Lumia app

Microsoft has released a new app with a bunch of Windows Phone Tutorials for new users. It's probably not useful to most experienced Lumia and Windows Phone users, but it's great that Microsoft is giving users a way to quickly and easily learn about Windows Phone on their new Lumia handset. 

The app includes basic tutorials, including how to take photos, play music and games, and make phone calls. The app also includes some tutorials on Windows Phone unique features, including using Cortana and customizing your phone. 

Despite its name, this app is for all Windows Phone users, not just Lumia phone users. This app will be just as useful on a new HTC phone as on a Lumia phone. 

You can download the app for free on your Windows Phone. It's a surprising 48 MB in size, but I'm sure many new users will have enough space, anyway. Of course, you can always uninstall it when you know everything about your Lumia phone. 

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