Try Just Dance 2016 for free with the new Xbox One demo

Brad Stephenson

Try Just Dance 2016 for free with the new Xbox One demo

A demo for the next entry in the popular Just Dance franchise, Just Dance 2016 has just appeared in the store on the Xbox One. The free demo consists of just one song/dance track number, Blame! By Calvin Harris Ft. John Newman and is playable with up to six players (or “Just Dancers” as fans of the game like to be called) using either the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor or a mobile device with the Just Dance Controller app installed.

The Android and iOS versions of the Just Dance Controller app, which works with Just Dance 2015, were updated last night to add functionality for both the full version of Just Dance 2016 and this demo. Windows Phones weren’t supported in the new mobile controller option introduced in Just Dance 2015 but they will be for Just Dance 2016 with a Windows Phone app confirmed for release sometime this year. As the iOS and Android apps only required an update instead of the creation of a completely new app for this year’s release, it makes sense that those devices be given compatibility with the new game before Windows Phone does.

While the Just Dance 2016 demo is pretty barebones, it does offer a glimpse and the rather cool new menu design which is a lot faster to load than previous versions. There are also some subtle changes in visual design worth noticing such as the potential 5 star rating now being hidden during a song with only the next star rating being visible. The starts also appear significantly bigger.

Those curious about the next version in the Just Dance series will want to check this demo out though complete newcomers to the dancing franchise may find it a bit intimidating as the choreography chosen for Blame! is very fast and the game’s notoriously ambiguous image guides do little to ease the learning curve. Just Dance 2016 is due for release in October 2015.

Are you looking forward to Just Dance 2016 or are you happy with previous versions of even Dance Central? Let us know your dancing preferences in the comments below.